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Do the days just fly and you struggle to get everything done? Stuck sending follow-up emails, entering data, lodging applications on your own and drowning in paperwork.

Working with hundreds of growing businesses and business owners over the years, I have come to the conclusion that as a business owner, you will struggle to grow if you do not know where you are spending your time. So… I developed a solution… our Time and Cost Calculator that allows you to self-assess where you are spending your time and the value of this time.

Since launching this calculator in early May we have had over 100+ brokers use this tool!

Are you ready to grow your business? It all starts with knowing the value and time you spend on a daily basis!

Ask yourself…

Low Value Tasks – How many hours a week do you spend on these

Why should I take the test?

To find out where you are spending your time and make improvements! If you’re doing your own client follow-ups, spending hours on the phone with lenders or stakeholders, writing meeting notes, quoting, and the list goes on! Than this test is made for you! Start Now

Whether you have just started your business or established a growing and profitable business, there is always room to grow! Find out how by taking the test

I loved this tool, Petra well done, I didn’t realise I spend over 8 hours a week just on my emails, thank you!

This calculator is fantastic, exactly what I needed, I have now been able to change my thinking

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