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Whether you’re an electrician, a painter, a plumber, a landscaper, or a business owner engaged in any tradie business, you may often find yourself not having enough time to manage everything from the ground up. Quoting is done out of hours, customers are left waiting for days just to receive quotes, but only so few of those quoted actually turn into real jobs. All that work and you end up with little to no returns.

The constant pressure of juggling daily tasks like job scheduling, materials ordering, apprentice management, council compliance, cash flow, invoice payments, and client follow-up can lead to little to no returns. Expanding a business can be thrilling, but the admin side can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared for it!

And this is exactly where our Tradie VAs come in

Virtual Tradie Assist offers virtual assistance solutions to help tradies improve their business by handling administrative tasks, project coordination, paperwork, client support, and unpaid invoices. This allows them to focus on delivering exceptional trade services.

Our goal is to streamline your business operations, increase your productivity, and ultimately help you regain that precious work-life balance you deserve.

Let our VAs be your trusted assistants, supporting you in every step of your success!
Because your a Tradie and shouldnt be doing the paperwork!

What VA services do you offer to Tradies?


We train and supervise our dedicated team of Tradie VAs, ensuring their smooth operations and maintaining their productivity. With our Tradie VAs, you could offload the following tasks and free up your time to take on more projects:

  • Answering Calls
  • Inbox Management
  • Sending out and developing quotes
  • Following up quotes
  • Job Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Managing Orders
  • Site Management i.e. fencing and materials
  • Council Lodgements and Paperwork
  • Client Liaison
  • Managing CRM
  • Following up invoices
  • Following up unpaid invoices
  • Other tasks as agreed by the parties

Accounting VA

For tradies looking for specialised accounting support, we offer Accounting and Bookkeeping VA services to help you with seamless financial processes and accurate record-keeping. Our Accounting VAs can assist you with:

  • Invoicing: Your VA will handle the invoicing process, generate professional invoices, and ensure they are sent to your clients promptly. This helps you maintain a healthy cash flow and minimises payment delays.
  • Overseeing Payroll & Expenses: Your Accounting VA can assist in managing payroll tasks, including processing payments, calculating wages, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. They can also help track and manage your expenses, providing you with a clear overview of your business’s financial position.

Goodbye to endless hours of Paperwork and Admin with Virtual Tradie Assist

Get back to doing what you love! Being on the tools and working with your clients

Less Talk,
More Work

Clients demand 100% attention, especially when dealing with them. A Tradie VA can help maintain good conversation with clients, ensuring their trust and reputation. They can answer calls and emails from new or existing customers, allowing you to focus on building relationships and doing the work.

Grow your business without the stress

Tradies often face administrative burdens, including answering calls, creating quotes, scheduling jobs, and managing calendars. However, outsourcing these tasks to an expert VA allows them to focus on on-site projects and focus on their strengths. This allows them to grow their business without the pressure of mastering these tasks.

A skilled staff
for less

Hire a local marketer, customer support, or HR manager for administrative tasks, but consider outsourcing them for less than half the cost. Tradie VAs offer remote work, allowing for growth without the hassle of hiring an in-house staff. They are always available via calls, chats, or emails, providing 24/7 support.

Recharge, refresh, and focus on what you do best

By offloading your admin work, you can finally reclaim your time to keep up with your hobbies, and interests, explore a new business opportunity, and spend all holidays with your family and loved ones. No more working on evenings and weekends, you can take the time off wherever you want without your business burning to the ground.

Sharing theWins

Virtual Tradie Assist has made my life easier with its exceptional services. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance – be it for personal or professional needs. Thank you, Virtual Tradie Assist team for your outstanding work!

- Gemma Pinterovich


I am delighted to write this positive review for Virtual Tradie Assist. I am very impressed and have exceeded my expectations as they provided exceptional assistance and support. Their team of highly experienced professionals has assisted me in managing my workload, enabling me to focus on other areas of my business.

- Kate McCoy


I recently had the pleasure of working with Virtual Tradie Assist, and I must say it was an amazing experience. Their team of professionals provided top-notch virtual assistance services to help me manage my business with ease.

- Danny Kalischer


I highly recommend Virtual Tradie Assist to anyone looking for reliable, efficient and effective virtual assistance services. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help take your business to the next level, look no further than Virtual Tradie Assist!

- Tight Walter


Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES! Our Tradie Assistants will be trained on invoicing, job scheduling, invoicing, and managing your team, depending on what you are looking to outsource. We usually hire assistants with a background in your field, so you won’t have to deal with a complete newbie and can count on high-quality work once their training period is over.

Our virtual assistants will go through a 4-week training period so they can specialize in the tasks you need help with. During this period, we’ll keep in touch with you to identify the most time-consuming tasks you need to take off your plate and outsource these to our team of Koruna experts so you can reclaim the time to do what you love.

For business owners juggling multiple tasks at once, our trained virtual assistants will do your low-value tasks so you can finally focus on revenue-generating activities without the headaches of admin work. A skilled VA can help with a variety of admin tasks, including data entry, email management, appointment setting, or customer service.

  • If you have a big team with lots of sensitive information at risk, having a traditional, office-based setup is still a good choice. But if you’re a startup business owner that lacks time for everything, here are the top three reasons why a virtual setup would be perfect for your business:
    • We do the training: You won’t have to waste time hiring and onboarding a complete newbie. We will train your VA with everything they need so your could work 3-4 days a week and still run your business smoothly.
    • We handle staffing: If you hire a personal assistant, would you still have enough time to manage them? With Koruna Assist, you’ll never have to worry about their payroll, performance, and loyalty – we ensure that our top-notch VAs are happy, satisfied VAs who knows how to do the job efficiently. And if they needed to leave, we have a smooth replacement process so you’ll never be left without a VA. 
    • You’ll have a full-time assistant for less: Leasing an office space and hiring an in-person assistant can hurt your budget with all the benefits you have to cover. But with a virtual assistant, you can cut down on labor and operational costs all while getting a higher quality work.
  • A Tradie Assistant streamlines your workflow and takes care of your day-to-day, low-value tasks, so you can achieve a work-life balance while seeing your business grow. A Tradie VA is responsible for:
    • Quoting
    • Job Scheduling
    • Invoicing
    • Calendar Management
    • Managing Orders
    • Overseeing Payroll & Expenses
    • Client Liaison 
    • Managing CRM
    • Other tasks as agreed by the parties

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