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VA vs. Office Assistant: Which One Would Fit Your Tradie Business?

Running a tradie business is no small feat. Between juggling tools, managing a team, and keeping clients happy, the admin work can often feel like a mountain you didn’t sign up to climb. You know you need help, but what kind? An in-house office assistant or a remote right-hand? Let’s break it down!

A Tradie’s Daily Grind

Picture your day: up before dawn, swamped with job sites, and a phone that won’t stop buzzing with admin tasks. By the time you’re home, family time is a luxury.

Now, what if you had someone to share that load? That’s where the dilemma kicks in: an Office Assistant or a Virtual Assistant?

The Office Assistant: The Traditional Route

The Office Assistant has been the go-to for tradies for years, offering immediate, on-site support.


  • Immediate on-site problem-solving for urgent issues
  • Hands-on management of tools and inventory
  • Face-to-face interaction with clients and team, building trust


  • Costs of workspace, utilities, and other overheads
  • Training and professional development are on you
  • Requires physical space, which may not be available on job sites

The Virtual Assistant: The New-Age Solution

Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly popular among tradies, offering a flexible and cost-effective alternative.


  • No need to worry about training and onboarding, especially if you get a VA from an outsourcing company
  • Can manage a variety of tasks from social media, quoting, job scheduling, and invoicing
  • No need for physical office space, reducing overhead costs


  • Not available for immediate on-site issues
  • Unsupervised freelancers can be hit-or-miss
  • Hard to track a freelancer or a VA’s productivity if they are going solo

Cost Comparison: What’s the Real Deal?

While an Office Assistant might seem like the cheaper option upfront, don’t forget to factor in hidden costs like super, equipment, and training. With a VA, you’re only paying for productive time, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Ready to Make the Choice? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

So, you’ve got the facts. Now, ask yourself these questions to decide which option suits you best:

  • What kind of tasks are bogging you down?
  • How crucial is face-to-face interaction in your daily operations?
  • Are you comfortable with managing a remote staff?
  • Are you willing to invest in overhead costs?

Choosing the right helping hand can make or break your business. Your focus should be about reclaiming your time for what truly matters, instead of just cutting down your to-do list.

So if you’re ready to explore the best options and make a change that counts, feel free to reach us and let’s get you set up for success!

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